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Tall tales, yarns and anecdotes gathered during a career in policing throughout Queensland

Almost forty years of police stories have been woven into a book that will make you laugh, cry, gasp and say "Nooooo, that surely couldn't happen!"  - but happen it did.  Oh, okay maybe some of it has been embellished - just little bit!

The truth has been liberally peppered with Buzzy's weird sense of humour and ability to spin a good yarn.

 However, most importantly, you'll gain an insight into the dark side of everyday coppers doing everyday things everyday.  


Buzzy dedicated almost forty years service to communities throughout Queensland, Australia - policing towns and cities across the length and breadth of this vast state.

He's been shot at five times (twice by other coppers), stabbed twice and ultimately had two vertebrae fused in his neck due to injuries sustained during his career.  Buzzy is an ordinary man who has done extraordinary things. 

Read about the characters he has worked with - from Jungle (thick, green, wet and dense), to Cosie (who tried to shoot his foot off!) and the desperate villains he encountered along the way. 

***Names have been changed throughout this book to protect the innocent (and the guilty! )***

By the way - That's Buzzy - bottom right first row (seated ) - just look for the sticky out ears!

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