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After many years recounting tall tales in police station meal rooms and swapping yarns with my policing partners over the years, I realised I may have enough material to write a book of some sort. But then I thought, I'm a nobody, a name amongst so many thousands of other names who wear the suit of blue. Why would anyone want to read about my ordinary life? But then, as I recounted tales to friends, family and some unfortunate strangers, I realised, people ARE fascinated by the tales told by police. It is a world entirely seperate from the world that most law-abiding citizens live in. The mundane things that i would do every day was interesting to them. The things slightly less mundane were all encompassing to them. So I made the decision after a lot of prompting from my wife, my life's partner and best friend LJ. I would write down my stories. I would write a book! So after four years of notes, procrastination and simply forgetting - here it is. The birth of Piggy Tales is imminent. The manuscript is with my publisher for final editing and layout. I'm excited, as excited as a kid at Christmas. Won't be too long and Piggy Tales will be available in my online shop to order. Wow!!! Wow!!! Watch this space.




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